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EthosSphere's Mini Kit for Dry Hair (Type 4 Hair)

EthosSphere's Mini Kit for Dry Hair (Type 4 Hair)

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Welcome to your Dry Hair Kit!

You asked—and we answered! After months of scouring endless research papers, expert articles, ingredient & property matches, and even YouTube reviews--we've found the products that really do what they say with type 4 hair. 

This moisture kit has sourced the most effective products to moisturize your dry hair from your favorite brands—and at the internets best value. 

This is the year of hair health! 

Contents Available:

  • FULL SIZE Shampoo
  • FULL SIZE, Professional Grade Conditioner
  • FULL SIZE Deep Conditioner 
  • FULL SIZE Lightweight Daily Moisturizer 
  • 10 oz Pressurized Misting Spray
  • Recommend Use Based on Hair Porosity 
  • Ingredient Benefits
  • Ingredient and Properties Glossary   

Included in Every Kit!

  • FREE Detangling Tools 
  • FREE Satin Holding Bag
  • Complimentary Lipgloss 
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