Business Eligibility


What type of businesses can ship with EthosSphere?
All businesses can have their orders fulfilled through our center, however we have strong preference for beauty items and 1 variation items such as jewelry and 1-size fits all accessories
Is there a specific business-owner identity required to ship with EthosSphere?
At EthosSphere, our goal is to uplift small beauty businesses owned by Black women. However, we recognize the uphill battle that women of all ethnic identities have faced in the distribution channel, and take that into consideration during our application process. 
What type of inventory is the fulfilment center designed to carry? 
All of our facilities are shielded from direct sunlight, wind and weatherproof, and climate controlled to specifically enhance the long-term preservation of beauty and cosmetic products. 
What inventory is NOT allowed in the center?
We do not allow easily flammable or toxic materials. Organic products must be labeled or delivered with a perishability date. See the comprehensive list.
Is there a sales volume required to ship with EthosSphere?
No. All sizes are welcome! Currently, we are accepting partners with up to 300 orders per month. 
Do you ship nationwide?
Yes! However, You are an optimal partner if the majority of your sales are within this region. 
Is there an online storefront integration required to ship with EthosSphere?
Yes. You must currently sell on Shopify in order to fulfill with EthosSphere. 
Additional questions? Consult our FAQ or contact us.