Sensational Xpression—3X Ruwa Pre-Streched Braid 24" Multi-Colors

Color: 27


Manufacturers Description:

  • Sensationnel Crochet Braids X-Pression 3X Ruwa Pre-Stretched Braid 18"


    Sensationnel® is proud to introduce the latest addition to its African Collection, RUWA® braid, made with 100% AQUATEX® fiber from Kanekalon®. Treated with an advanced hydrophobic coating, RUWA® braid naturally repels water and moisture, allowing you shampoo regularly with quicker drying time, even after hot water setting. Perfect for those with an active lifestyle, RUWA® braid is light weight and soft to the touch. Each pack comes with pre-stretched hair, which saves on prep time and enables for a natural finished style.



    • Made with AQUATEX® fiber from KANEKALON®
    • Water repellent
    • Fast drying
    • Lightweight and Soft
    • Perfect Hair for an active Lifestyle
    • Pre-stretched to save on prep time
    • Pre-layered for a natural finished style


    To maintain your RUWA® Braids:

    • Use a sodium lauryl sulfate-free or moisturizing conditioning shampoo to cleanse the Hair
    • Conditioner may be added to soften hair and make it more manageable
    • Rinse thoroughly to avoid skin irritation


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