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The Butterland®

Liquid Black Soap Shampoo (Facial Cleanser)

Liquid Black Soap Shampoo (Facial Cleanser)

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Ingredients: Black soap from Ghana, Hemp & Tea tree Castle Soap, Water.

Directions for use: Apply directly to scalp or beard (or face) to cleanse without stripping natural oils and to heal damaged skin cells. Use as needed.


*Aloe Hydrating & Detangling Conditioner

*Aloe Hydrating & Detangling Styling Cream

*Moringa Growth Oil

Can Be Used:

*as cleanser for beard to fight bacterial growth and ingrown hairs

*as a gentle cleanser for face to fight harmful acne causing bacteria

*on locs and loose hair

STYLES THAT WORK WELL WITH THIS PRODUCT: all styles! use to cleanse scalp and hair and create the optimum environment for healthy scalp and skin.

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