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Freetress Ponytail Collection—Florida Girl

Freetress Ponytail Collection—Florida Girl

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Manufacturer’s Description:

General Care for Synthetic Hair

***The following is a general outline for how to maintain synthetic hair. Individual product reactions may vary. For best results, consult your local stylist for specialized instructions.***

  1. Always wash hair in cool water. Hot water will damage synthetic fibers and result in frizz. 
  2. Never scrub hair. Swirl hair gently.
  3. Use a towel and pat hair dry. 
  4. Never brush or comb when hair is wet. 
  5. Never use blow dryer unless the product has been specified to be heat resistant
  6. Avoid combing set curled or dreadlocked styles.

Type: Synthetic Ponytail

Amazing 400°F curling iron safe, heat resistant fiber that is also flame retardant!

Hair Care Instruction

Add a little amount of shampoo in cold water. Gently shake the ponytail in the water. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Shake out excessive water (Do not squeeze or wiring the ponytail). Hang until completely dry. Brush into desired style.
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