Moco de Gorila Snot —Galan (11.9oz)



Manufacturer’s Description:

Keep your style intact from day to night with the help of Moco Gorila Snot Hair Gel Punk in 11.9 oz Yellow Squeeze bottle. This product is specially formulated to support just about any look you want and to keep it that way for hours through any weather condition and any activity. The Yellow Gorila Snot has an advanced residue-free formula that contains natural ingredients that will nourish your hair in the process. It's also easy to use. Just place a small amount of gel on your fingers and then style your hair as you wish. Use this gel to show off your hairdo all day long.

Moco de Gorila Snot Hair Gel Punk Yellow Squeeze Tube, 11.9 oz:

  • For a hairstyle that can withstand weather conditions and any activity
  • Residue-free and contains natural ingredients
  • Nourishes the hair
  • 11.9 oz squeeze tube of hair gel Moco de Gorila

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