Aussie Miracle Curls—3 Minute Deep Conditioner 12oz



Manufacturer’s Description:

PSA to all curl kind: our 3 Minute Miracle Curls Deep Conditioner will solve your wavy hair woes in less time than it takes to moan about them. No need to thank us, just enjoy the moisture and slip you'll feel with your new favorite shower buddy.

In the barren desert of frizzy, dry hair, our Miracle Curls Conditioner has come to the rescue (and we promise it’s not a mirage). From loose waves to kinky curls and everything in between, our clever thirst-quenching formula, infused with a combo of coconut and jojoba oil, will rehydrate those tresses and welcome you into the fab curls club. And as for parabens? We’ve left them at the door.


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